Gasoline by Alpine

have a great weekend everyone!
** this track is featured in my new playlist, Femme.
please do check it out! here’s the link:

Playlist: FEMME 

o everyone who likes indie tracks with female vocals!
nothing mellow, everything with power

New playlist up on my 8tracks! link:
open link if you guys wanna listen to my other playlists:-)

kinda getting the hype of creating playlists!! made a new one! listen if you got the time (everybody has time for music haha)


finally made an account on 8tracks. go listen to my first ever playlist here:

Changes by David Bowie (1971)

San Fran by Kids of 88

no copyright infringements intended

Heartbeats by Ellie Goulding (The Knife Cover)

u gotta hear this 

Anonymous Indiv tracks!! Post your favorite song of the week :)

yea i figured maintaining playlists would be impossible for a busy guy haha! guess i’m veering on indiv tracks (weekly)! thanks!

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